We were going to start looking at Care Homes for Mum - then came coronavirus....

Rob D

Staff member
23 July 2019
We were going to see some Care Homes again next month with a view to lining up a place for Mum, but we've had to put that all on hold. I prefer her being at home anyway while this situation persists -if she was in a home we wouldn't be able to go and visit her. But I'm worried that we may lose the carers before the lockdown lifts - they were due to finish their stint in a couple of weeks and be replaced with another team. No one knows now what is happening. If we don't have the carer support I don't know how we'll manage. Every time we get one thing sorted, something else goes wrong! Aaaaaarrrrggghhh!


New member
25 March 2020
During this lockdown I think you have to take each day as it comes. Things seem to progress and alter daily, and you are right, any plans you make will most likely have to be changed. Hopefully your carers will stay, if they feel supported and well looked after I'm sure they will want to continue working. You should probably accept there is little you can do to control things at the moment and let the situation play out.