Recognising dementia


New member
17 October 2021
I am worried about my friend she mixes all her words ,forgets people's names can't do simple tasks like filling car with petrol ,I have tried to mention dementia .she has seen her doctor surely he should recognise the signs but he just says no not dementia so I feel I can't keep mentioning it feel very worried for her

Mary B

Staff member
23 July 2019
Hi Lainey, if your friend has seen her doctor then yes there are various simple different tests that can be carried out to determine whether dementia is the possible cause for her symptoms. If indications are that it could be dementia then there are several more involved diagnostic tests that could be done to make a definitive diagnosis. If the doctor is saying a definite no to dementia then we have to trust there is good reason for that. As a friend I understand your concern and would suggest you continue to keep an eye out for any unusual behaviour and if necessary alert your friend's family of your concerns.