My mum


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5 November 2019
I am a carer in the community but my mum has dementia and has been diagnosed for 3 years i can't seem to divert her from talking about going home i try changing the subject and showing my mum old photos but my dear mum who is 71 thinks she lives in the house i lived at as a child 37 years ago my mum lives with my step dad but he cant cope withmy mum being adamant about where she lives can anybody give me some advice thank you


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16 August 2019
Hi Sarn. It sounds to me like you are doing the right thing and trying to explain to her what her current situation is. The reality is though that she may not be listening. I know with my own Mum that there are days when she just isn't able or doesn't want to face reality. At these times I find there is absolutely no point in trying to make her see sense, its a waste of time and it can be distressing for her and frustrating for me. Just play along, repeat what you have said previously and learn to shut off in that moment.
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